Hello Creative Flow!


Whether you know it or not, you are creative. We all are! In every moment... 

But most of us are creating what we don't want, rather than the deliciousness of what we truly desire. 

Whether you know how or not (yet!) you can have creative flow under any circumstances (even total non-inspiration!). 

Creative flow is not about planning. It's not about having the perfect conditions. It's about choosing to create in ways that work for you. 

What if YOUR creative flow is different and ever-changing... what could change into total ease for you if you stop trying to fit into other people's boxes, and maybe... just maybe... stop doubting YOU?

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Goodbye Slow...

I know you... you often talk (or think non-stop) about the stuff you really want to create, but rarely ever finish creating because you lose your flow or it all goes too slow... or too small or too _______  (fill in your own blanks here!)... And then the frustration, confusion and distractions set in and you add yet another project to the 'could have been something' pile!

Could a different reality with creating your dreams show up if you stop beating yourself up? What if you would venture into the unknown to discover playful, pleasurable processes that allow you to create whatever you want, whenever you want... because you can...? Just for a moment, imagine how different your creations would be if you could create from a space where everything shows up with ease!

Nourish your wonderlust... turn your inklings into trusted ideas... create spontaneously and with pleasure... nurture your brilliance into everyday breakthroughs.  

Join us online 1 - 30 November 2014 for 30 days of 'Discovering Your Creative Flow'.

Week 1 ~ WONDERLUST (Get the video!)

You know what you desire. You wonder if it is possible. Is it your time to discover creative possibilities that stretch far beyond anywhere you've ever been?

Week 2 ~ IDEAS TRUST  (Get the video!)

You have inklings. You have instincts. You have ideas. And you don't know where to start. It's easy... you're going to discover how to trust YOU... and what you know! Creative action starts here!

Week 3 ~ INSTANT OVERFLOW  (Get the video!)

You can plan to create...and plan to finish... and plan to start... and plan to plan... plan to overthink your plan...

Or you can create intuitively - instantly, prolifically and spontaneously. Say goodbye to fear and failure. Welcome to a world where your every creation becomes an adventure in knowing more than you think!

Week 4 ~ CREATIVE GLOW  (Get the video!)

Everyday breakthroughs are normal when you nurture your brilliance... when your creative glow is always on... when you keep the sparks sparkling! 

Are you ready to stop stopping you? Are you asking to outcreate yourself and everyone you admire? 


Hi! I've lived and created through burnout, doing an MBA while working a high profile job, moving house 4 times in less than a year, relationship breakdowns, a total lack of creative inspiration, changing my mind 10,000 times, having no money, starting numerous businesses, writing a couple of (so far) unpublished books... and just about any other 'not exactly ideal' situation you can imagine. A blank page can no longer hold me hostage. Nor can my fears. Nor can any situation. When you discover your creative flow... you have it for life!

Through all of these trials and tribulations I discovered different ways to create, using my personal creative flows and processes, even when it seems like there is absolutely nothing going on and nowhere to go! 

Consider these 30 days of 'Discovering Your Creative Flow' your shortcut... to knowing what works for you and being able to create under any circumstances! And I promise we won't be talking about brainstorming or any of the 'logical' tools for thinking yourself into being creative that mostly don't work at all. Breakthroughs are coming, and they don't look anything like you imagined!! Are you ready to be inspired and inspiring?


“Knowing what Lisa is capable of, I had high expectations. All I can say is Wow. Do this!  It goes so far beyond writing. This series was really empowering far beyond the act of words to paper. Lisa was a dynamic facilitator and flexible for where the group was at.”  Nicola P., New Zealand (After the 30 Days of ‘Write In Your Voice’ - July 2014)

"I’ve done heaps of training courses online this year as I try to find my niche and my abundance, and you have delivered so much more than anyone expected. You must feel great about that."  Annie C., New Zealand  (After the 30 Days of ‘Write In Your Voice’ - July 2014)

"This has been a magical experience with Lisa...I am noticing the flow to write is without effort. Being part of this group has plugged me in to an amazing field of Creative In-spiral-ation! Around week 2 was the moment I let go of the resistance & judgement. The less I 'try' the more I write. Thank you!"  Renee S., Australia (After the 30 Days of ‘Write In Your Voice’ - July 2014)

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What's included?

- 4 x 60 minute group telecalls on Mondays with Lisa (ask all your trickiest questions about creating your ideas).

- a private Facebook group with daily creative flow prompts (connect & collaborate with peeps all over the world).

- 4 Playbooks (welcome to your creative adventures).

- Office hours with Lisa in the Facebook group on Wednesdays and Fridays (so you can never get stuck.)

- Optional 30 minute Breakthrough Session with Lisa Murray. Valued at $125, included for only $100 extra. How did you get so lucky?

- Incredible amounts of love and space for you and your amazing projects... bring you and your ideas fully into this space and allow them to flourish!

Will this Nurture Project work for me?

If you play with us daily, even if it's only ten minutes, you will notice yourself creating differently. I've run two Nurture Projects already in 2014 and it's been a gift to watch my peeps grow and change. I love this work and will open every door I can... only you can wander and wonder inside... to step outside of the boundaries you have limited yourself with!

Will it work in my timezone?

Last time there were people from 15 different countries. The Nurture Sessions are designed to be flexible for your schedule! Playbooks will come out on Saturdays. Telecalls will be on Mondays at 8pm (Brisbane AEST). All materials can be accessed at any time - telecalls are recorded. Making it work for you is part of finding your flow!


$197 AUD or $297 with a one-to-one 30 minute Breakthrough Session with Lisa.



Do you prefer a payment plan? Four x $55 weekly payments; Breakthrough Session not included.)