Hello Adventurous Amazing YOU!

Is 'making shit happen' in your life or business leaving you exhausted and stressed? Are you forcing yourself to create your life or your ideas?

What if you don’t need a challenge-filled bootcamp that demands you kickstart your inner juicy rockstar and unleash your epic, radical, amaze-balls ninja self on the world to succeed? 

What if that is NOT what truly creates your future? 


Imagine immersing yourself in the bliss of truly being you 24/7. 

And being much more than 'enough' for the creation of your dreams!

Allowing your amazing one-of-a-kind gifts to have true presence in the world is about nurturing your brilliance. Having non-stop gratitude for you. Committing to living your sweet, glorious life, not everyone else's insanely busy life. Playing bigger for the joy of it. Creating harmony in every choice. Being visible in exactly the right moments.

We're talking flow... not force. 

Is it time to stop constantly proving yourself by yelling ever louder, or pushing ever harder? You don’t need to kill it, crush it or conquer it to create the nurturing change you are asking for. 


You know that creating from hustle, pressure, pretence, struggle and sacrifice is so last century. And yet… you’re wondering… 

"What’s next? What other choices are there?" 

Whether you are asking for more money, more love, more of you, 

more ease with change, more joy (and less fear), more visibility 

or to create something magical that maybe doesn't yet exist, 

you can infuse your choices with a sense of peace and space, 

using your endless flow of intuitive wisdom and awareness.

If what you've been doing isn't working, a DIFFERENT approach is required.

The world is changing rapidly - and we are on the creative edge! 

Welcome to the Creativity Lab Nurture Sessions

Four x 30 day projects designed to elevate you into a different way of being and living. 

It will be a year you'll remember as reality-changing!

>>> What if you are far more brilliant than you think?

>>> What if revealing your brilliance can be a treasure-hunt, rather than a boasting festival?

>>> What if you, just as you are, is what the world is waiting for? 

>>> We are all magic. Are you hiding yours? Making yourself small?

>>> What magic are you that you have not yet acknowledged? How much ease would you have if you allowed this gift to expand?

>>> What if magic is the invitation to effortless creating you have been waiting for?


>>> What vision will you bring to life in 2016? Imagine nurturing it into fruition rather than forcing it into existence!

>>> What change can ONLY you create in the world? Is it time to get started?

>>> It's a month of building momentum and co-creating with others who have a dream... are you ready?

>>> How often do your choices stop at two... what if you could have two hundred choices and know what to choose with ease?

>>> There is no such thing as 'no choice'! Are you willing to give up limiting your choices to nothing or less than nothing? 

>>> What could you make possible in your life that has never been possible before? Choices create!!

Odd topics huh? 

Nothing about business, career, how to make money or get more clients in there. 

Nothing about fixing relationships, getting the life you want or changing any kind of specific personal situation. 


Are you ready to embrace and create the change you are asking for? 

Imagine nurturing a personal platform for change and creation that will gently support your every choice for the rest of your life...

The Nurture Sessions invite you into the space of conscious creation as it has never existed before. It's an immersion and an illumination of the ease of being you. You'll dive deep into insanely beautiful growth... and in the process, become inimitable, unstoppable and even more desirable! 

Each 30 day event invites you to discover and build upon the essence of YOUR difference, your value and your capacity to create your life or your business, with clarity, courage and consciousness. 

Whatever your targets are right now, these tools are designed to support you in moving forward dynamically. 



I'm here to nurture your magic, to laugh, to play, to invite awareness 

and to dive deep into the 'how' with you

It's about beginning to live from a 'wonder-fully' different possibility, full of connection, collaboration and co-creation.


I'm Lisa Murray... and I'm your tour guide on this wonderful adventure of nurturing your brilliance into being. 

As the series has evolved, people have joined us for all kinds of reasons... 

>>> to become more confident, 

>>> to change their relationships,
>>> to have more ease with money, 

>>> to expand their business, 

>>> to explore their capacities with energy, 

>>> to stop 'bad' habits, 

>>> to become a more accomplished writer or painter, 

>>> to connect with other creators... 

>>> to start an idea or finish a project! 

... there are as many choices as there are adventurers!!

You may have one or one hundred different reasons for playing with us for the year... 

What I know is this: one simple platform underpins your success... 

You can create anything you choose, if you will BE more. 

It's rarely about doing more, or pretending to be something you're not. 

It's about being ALL of who you truly are, without fear and doubt. 


The more YOU you are, it becomes easier to get clients, easier to be a leader, easier to change your life, easier to be as different as you are, easier to explore new adventures, easier to enjoy living in every moment... 

So there's just one question... would you like this ease to be your reality too?


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2. Make your payment then go to the sweet link Paypal sends you to, so you can officially register yourself. 
3. Watch your inbox. Once your registration is complete, you'll receive your welcome kit!

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