Creativity Lab NURTURE Sessions™

30 Day Online Program with Lisa Murray 

Are Your Words Distinctively YOURS?

Writing.  You know you want to. You have a novel bursting out. A book that will change lives. A blog whispering your name. A website that will flourish with your kind of writing love. A song that only you know the words to. A movie that can change the world.

All your writing needs is YOUR voice. Your energy. Your original expression of your awareness. And right now, your word river is drained dry, you're snagged half-way up a tree. Ideas hanging by a spidery thread. Stuck. Wordless. 

Discover how to write for the immersive pleasure of it - in your unmistakeable style. Luscious words will flow. Surprising ideas will emerge. The drought will be over - in 30 days! (Or less!!)

You can't 'get it wrong'. (No matter what you were told!) You can write brilliantly - in YOUR voice!

30 Days of Writing in Your Voice. No matter what you learned about your writing capacities before now, we're going to take you somewhere brilliantly, joyfully different! 

Whether you write lyrically or barely string two words together on a good day, this adventure will nurture your capacity to write from a space of awareness and connection with yourself and the world. What if writing could be the gift that expands your entire life?

When you write in your voice... connect with a greater sense of who you truly be and what's possible in the world.

...your words flow naturally, without force, frenzy or frustration. discover how to tap into the exact words that are required for your writing mission to succeed! create an invitation for influencing and inspiring others. engage people in your stories in ways they find irresistible.

(oh yeah... and you need to edit a whole lot less!)

If you had someone holding your hand, cheering you on, offering encouragement, showing you simple, practical tools for writing with ease, would you be willing to start playing with your ‘Write In Your Voice’ projects? 

What is it you would most love to write? What is stopping you?

"I Can't Write!"

“I have a learning disability. I can't write. I can't write. I can't write...”

“I was really bad at writing at school. I can't write, but I need to!”

“I feel stupid when I try to express myself in words. It doesn't come out how I imagined.”

"I have no ideas!"

“The moment I sit down to write my mind goes blank.”

“My writing is boring. Even to me! How do I make it pop?”

"I have no words. There's nothing left. Writers fatigue cramps my style.

"I can write... and there must be something more!"

“I don't want to be an average writer. How can I nurture my brilliance?"

“I’m stuck in the same old writing groove. I know more is possible!”

“I'm seeking new ways of writing. I'd like the energy and the words to match.”

We all have our stories. We can love those stories even though they no longer serve us. OR... we can ask for a different possibility to show up! Somewhere you have already asked to change whatever your story is for you… or you wouldn’t still be reading this!

How brilliant are you? Welcome to the joy and ease of writing!

You bring your 'Yeah! Writing' projects. Together we play with ways of moving you into a different space that creates more than ever before.

You bring your 'Eewwwww Writing' projects. Let's reinvent your writing style. Make it more YOU. Play with your projects, explore them and expand what's possible. And maybe even kill your darlings and start fresh! Sometimes it just has to be done!

We PLAY together for 30 days. Yippeeeee! Let the fun begin! Starting 1 July 2014, you get to discover a magical Aladdin's cave full of writing adventures that invite you to write with ease ~ whatever your experience, wherever you are at, whether you think you can, or think you can't!  

Here's what we're going to explore... 
Week 1 - Your essence uncovered. What makes YOUR words different?
Week 2 - Writing as exploration. What do you know that you have never acknowledged?
Week 3 - Persuasive writing. Bringing your voice into the world in different styles.
Week 4 - What's your story? Using stories to create change, choices and connection.

We'll be doing a deep-dive into the realms of creating a nurturing life where writing contributes a deeper sense of possibilities for the future. The explorations will be dynamic, pragmatic and designed for ease of use in personal, work or business situations.  The WRITE IN YOUR VOICE program includes:

=> Welcome Package... Once you are registered, you'll receive all the details - times, links, dial-in numbers etc! (And a couple of awesome new tools to get you started!)

=> A weekly playbook of tools, techniques, insight worksheets, checklists and questions related to that week's topic. (4 Playbooks  |  Value: $200)

=> A weekly 60 minute live mentoring call with Lisa Murray, introducing you to the tools for the week and moving you through the things that aren't working. The call is recorded. You can send in questions in advance too. (4 Calls  |  Value: $400) 

=> Weekly 'Office Hours' (2 x 60 minute sessions each week - Fridays 7am - 8am and 4pm - 5pm Brisbane AEST time), where you ask questions, unravel the tricky bits and generally squeeze Lisa's brain for the things not included in the program materials (e.g. how to promote your words!) You can ask about pretty much anything to do with your Write In Your Voice projects. (8 sessions in total  |  Value: $2500)

=> A private Facebook group with a daily writing exploration or inspiration. And I'll do a quick check in once or twice a day too. This group is where all of the program materials will be posted and 'Office Hours' will be held. It's also a connection, collaboration and contribution space where you can discuss your Write In Your Voice projects with other beautiful people participating in the program and ask your questions.  (Value: priceless!)


Your Price:  $197 AUD  
{Or choose the Payment Plan Option | 4 x $55AUD weekly payments | Click HERE for Payment Plan - it's via Paypal}

You receive 30 days of the WRITE IN YOUR VOICE project for a tiny, tiny price. The world will change a lot faster if more brilliant, creative people express their ideas vividly and with clarity. I've priced the 'Write In Your Voice' NURTURE Sessions so there can be hundreds of brilliant writers (aka change-agents) articulate their wild and glorious ideas in the world with ease. 

What if there could be no stopping you? Are YOU ready to stop stopping you?

What if writing could be nurturing to you?

More than skill, talent or being gifted, it takes courage and tenacity to write... You have what it takes! Whatever it is that has stopped you before, this program offers very different tools for creating shifts in energy, choices and perspectives. All you need to do is write with us...for just a few minutes every day!

Here's what people say about working with Lisa Murray:

"This lovely being has made change fun for me. She has shared so many incredible tools to me that truly has given me the awareness that universe has my back. 

Though the road might be bumpy and uncomfortable as hell right now there is no turning back. What I want to create in this world requires me to be who I truly be. To be able to be in that space and to create the future right now. I am so excited to start my greatest and so far most incredible adventure yet. 

When Lisa coaches me it is like she speaks from an awareness of what I already know. However when it comes from her the bits and pieces fall into place and the darn fog goes away. I so would like to invite you all to some coaching, blog talk radio and classes with Lisa! How much fun can we have and how much change can we create with ease, speed and joy?"   Sanna Hallgren, Sweden

"I just came back from Oslo and I smiled many times when memories from Creativity Lab came to me. Such a beautiful workshop. It has been a huge contribution to both me and many of my friends and family. Thank YOU for being YOU. Much Love Maria"    M.A, Sweden

"Creativity Lab has had a mayor impact in my life, and not in the way I first thought it would be.  I thought I would come home with 2 - 3 finished projects to launch into the world and that would be the short term solution to my life. What has truly changed is my way of being. Not only the know-how in creating something, but creativity as a way of being, as a way of functioning, living and showing up in the world! Which again has led me to all these amazing projects that I am beyond grateful for, creative projects that makes me so excited to wake up in the morning, just for the sheer joy of being allowed to create something new and that amazing. I remember who I am again... who I was as a kid, when I played life!  And the great thing is, that in me choosing creativity as a way of being, the projects and the know-how show up as if by magic."  Goril Hebnes, Oslo

"Hi Lisa ~ Greetings to you!  Thank you for the divine BEing and the Inspiration YOU BE!  You're a dynamo and expansive and you dance in BIG JOYFUL vibes which I love, so much! We have not met in person, but your energy has touched me still.  My creative mind has not a still moment, and comes up with all kinds of fun stuff, especially since starting to play with your questions around Creative Thrival, last year!   So I catch myself asking, 'is now the time?' for fun and terrific projects very, very often these days.   I have learned from you that it is fabulous to take care of SELF and to actually enjoy every minute of it.  For that gift, I am grateful.  Thank you!"    S.M.  Las Vegas