You can resist change. Refuse change. Respond to change.

 Or... if you'd like to create your life, relationships or work with ease...



Have you noticed there is no 'normal' anymore? 

There is no going back to 'how it used to be'! 

Change is everywhere. In our work, our relationships, 

our financial situations, our families, our life targets... 

We can develop our capacity for nurturing change, 

or we can pretend we are powerless... 

Is pretending to be a victim really you? 

Or are you capable of so so so much more? 

30 Days of Nurturing Change may sound like hell on steroids if you don’t have the tools for creating ease with change.  What if change could be a gift for you, your life and your work? What if change could be FUN? What if inviting change could make your life GREATER?

If you nurture change... create and nurture your life from a sense of choice. cultivate a connection with your intuitive awareness. become free to make a difference in the world. expand your capacities for resilience, leadership and creativity.

...your life becomes a gift everyday; full of surprises to enjoy.

If you had someone holding your hand, cheering you on, offering encouragement, showing you simple practical tools for change and having your back, would you be willing to start playing with your ‘Nurturing Change’ projects? 

What is it you would most love to change?

What is stopping you?

Your invitation to 30 days of Nurturing Change

~ Daily 'Nurturing Change' explorations & tools from Lisa Murray.

~ a private Facebook Salon, where you can join other change-makers in 

exploring new ways of being comfortable with the chaos of change.

~ a weekly Office Hours session where you can ask for assistance, resources, ideas 

on anything you would like to change.

~ 4 weekly one hour telecalls 

to clear out anything that is stopping you from creating change with ease!

(Calls are recorded for you to download).

The Creativity Lab NURTURE Sessions take nurturing far beyond self-care. They are an invitation for nurturing your future into being. Nurturing your capacity to be greater in the world.

Join us online for 30 days of deep immersion in the mastery of the skills, capacities and awareness that will gift you the joy of living a life that truly, deeply nurtures you.

You bring your projects, dreams and ideas. We provide the information and inspiration for exploring and expanding what's possible!  

1. Lovingly caress the button (above) for the program you are choosing - it will take you all the way to Paypal.
2. Make your payment then go to the sweet link Paypal sends you to, so you can officially register yourself. 
3. Watch your inbox. Once your registration is complete, you'll receive more information! We officially start on 1 February 2015.

GOT QUESTIONS?  Email Lisa Murray.